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Bethpage Athletic Camps prides itself on giving campers the opportunity to build skills and confidence that lead to a lifetime of physical activity and wellness! BAC provides a combination of both athletic and academic programs focused on giving kids exposure to a variety of sports, recreational activities and 21st century skills. Our enthusiastic and experienced counselors guide our multi-dimensional programs in order to provide a safe and fun environment for kids to learn and play sports they already enjoy, as well as try new activities. Set within the state of the art athletic complex located on the campus of Bethpage High School, BAC aims at giving the Bethpage community a place for campers to enjoy their summer vacation.



Our mission and purpose is to provide the Bethpage Community with:

High Quality Athletic Experiences, 21st Century Academic Focuses, Dynamic Learning Environments, Dedicated and Experienced Staff, & Athletic Fun at a Great Price.  BAC is proud to offer the following services:




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