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Chopped Junior

Grades 6-12

Are you a Master Chef Jr. or do you want to learn how to be one? Show off your skills and learn new techniques at the Junior Chopped Cooking Class!  Just like our favorite shows, we will have Mystery Baskets and Team Challenges. This camp is all about teamwork. The camp helps you become a better chef by giving you basic kitchen knowledge, how a professional kitchen is run, and how to work well with others.



Grades 5-8

Do you love to search Pinterest for creative ideas? Work on your craftsmanship through projects that challenge art-making ability and strengthen your creativity. This workshop covers a wide range of projects using mixed media techniques for bookmaking, drawing, painting and collage. 






Exploration of color

Grades 5-8

Sign up for an exploration of color through the use of watercolor and acrylic paints. Throughout the week, students will be introduced to the basics of drawing, painting and color mixing. They will paint from observation and photography experimenting with color theory. Students will become familiar with different color combinations.


Grades 5-8

This course is an introduction to the practice of designing fashion garments. Students will develop the ability to sketch their own clothing designs and learn how to render fabric. In addition, gain knowledge of line, form, value, color theory and pattern. Students develop a creative portfolio of designs that reflect their individual style.

Fashion Design.PNG
Drawing Extravaganza.PNG


Learn to draw or expand your skills

Grades 5-8

Would you like to improve your skills and feel more confident in drawing? In this class, students will explore world of drawing using materials such as pencil, marker, pastels, pen, ink and colored pencils. Students will also learn and practice key approaches to drawing such as line, value, form, shape and proportion to make multiple projects using these building blocks of drawing. 




(Level 2 baking - Grades 6-12) 

Students will review kitchen safety equipment, measuring techniques and how to read a recipe.  Students will make various recipes that may include:  banana bread, applesauce bars, etc. As the week progresses students will make their own cake and icing as they compete in a challenge. This exciting new class teaches cooperative learning, time management, social skills, being flexible & meeting deadlines



Cake Boss.PNG
Cupcake Wars.PNG


(Grades 6-12)

Our Kid Chefs get a chance to compete in a friendly cupcake wars competition. During the first 4 classes, we'll learn everything about baking, filling and decorating cupcakes.  

End with cup cake decorating competition and each team will decorate with a special theme. 




(Grades 5-10)

Use cameras and Macs to create and edit movies and theatrical-style trailers. Learn the fundamentals of movie editing with iMovie. Learn how to set up your story, fine-tune footage, and share your movie with the world. Come and unleash your directing potential!


Movie Maker.PNG
Junior Chefs.PNG


(Grades 6-12)

"Ready Set, Cook!"  This cooking camp will focus on making a menu that includes lunch, dinner and dessert recipes.  Students will participate in hands on food labs and work together to see what group will be crowned "Top Chef."  Are you up for the challenge?   The room will have AC this summer! Please be sure to specify any allergies during registration!


(Grades 6-12)

Making it is "Sew" Easy

Come enjoy a week of fun, be creative, and learn a valuable life skill. Students will learn basic hand sewing stitches, button application, cutting out patterns, and pinning fabric together. They will learn how to safely use a sewing machine. This includes its parts and functions. Sewing teaches you confidence and patience. It brings out your creative side and, like riding a bicycle, once you learn you never forget.




(Grades 5-8)

This class is for that student who finds him or herself interested in all forms of animation, whether it be in television, print, or movies. You can learn how to create characters, make storyboards, design comics and many other forms of cartooning representation.  Begin to build your skills in this specialized area of art.  All students are welcome - from the beginner to the more experienced.



(Grades 3-8)

Learn how to build robots this summer with Lego! Students in grades 3-5 will use motors, gears, and levers to make machines that move. Students in grades 6-8 will add programming to the mix. With Lego, building robots is a snap!


Lego Robotics 2.PNG
girl playing violin


(Grades 9-12)

Who said orchestra has to stop in the summer? This year, it doesn't! Come down to the first ever Bethpage Summer Strings, where orchestra students who are entering or in high school will participate in a week of music-playing, culminating in a Friday outdoor (weather permitting) picnic-style concert. Sign up to participate in our mixed orchestra and small chamber group camp, where you will get to make music with your friends! Violinists and violists are required to bring their own instruments. Cellos and basses will be provided, along with music stands for all. Make sure to bring snacks, water, and clothespins to hold your music.



(Grades 7-10)

Junior and Senior members of the robotics team (along with the lead mentor) will help younger kids build skills for the future. Activities include CAD, 3D printing, electronics, and Arduino programming.


3D Printing
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